yyry(me & my sister)

ETA: sorry no update. i lied.

so as the title hints i’m back to good old nubs*. my thumb nails broke so i had no choice. but really. i hate them. i can’t do any layering because they’ll look all short and thick and chunky and just gross. so i have to stick with something simpler. this photo above is terrible in terms of colour accuracy but i have no daylight atm (the polish has already appeared on the blog – much more colour accurate). will update tomorrow. it’s a pretty grass? apple? (or whatever… i’m not that good at describing colours) green that is not neon but bright. the quality is terrific considering it was about $1 here where i live. too bad i only have one bottle. if i see it again i will stock up.
here are some more random colour inaccurate photos.

on a side note, i just realised that i have one upper wisdom tooth creeping up.  ugh.

*nubbins are short nails in n/p slang or something

dffffffff (my sister… a convert?) (and umm my frog dustbin)