(patiešām, šīs bildes it tik interesantas… yawn)

es kkā pēdējā laikā īpaši daudz nerakstu latviski, atvainojos par to. es vienkārši nezinu ko lai pastāstu. mana dzīve ir sasodīti garlaicīga, it sevišķi pēdējā laikā. man vnk sen nav bijis jautri. ā, es zinu ko es varu pastāstīt – es vakar vakarā pirmo reizi pati apgriezu čolku un, maigi sakot, nav diezko labi. :D bet, ja godīgi, mani tas neuztrauc. tāpat kā tas, ka šī nagulaka ir samērā neinteresanta un galīgi ne manā gaumē (nu vismaz bez nekā).  informēju, ka arī turpmāk rakstīšu kko bišku angliski, ne pārtulkotu, bet vnk kko citu.

this np was found at a local grocery store. usually grocery stores and drugstores (except that it’s different here. they don’t sell actual drugs, just cosmetics and stuff) are full of crap, this is only the third time I have found something notewothy there. the crap they sell is way overpriced and we never get any gems (or even US brands) like people in US do. there’s also another Dollar Tree type of store that has some nail polish, can you believe it. but unfortunately nothing awesome to be found there. i did find some Sahara (Polish brand?) polishes i haven’t seen before but the greens they had were not very impressive. i don’t know why am i complaining. nobody cares. anyway. this is a dark pink glass fleck jelly. (hope i’m right about the glass fleck)

btw i am going to do a post about the np brands available locally and where to find them. maybe the week after the next week. lol. i have no idea is there a word for that in english.

another thing. i haven’t visited MUA NB for ages, i hardly ever go there anymore. maybe i should. i want to but it only creates lemmings that i can never fulfil because:  a. they are out of my touch – i really don’t know how Karen from Pretty Random does this, it’s so tiring lol b. i have no job. i plan to find one in near future but still.

and also another thing. i had this nail polish dream last night. it was so realistic. i almost felt like it had really happened when i woke up. there was a listing on eBay of 4 polishes. they were all different, two of them were htfs – one was UD ID and another one i don’t remember anymore but i did when i woke up. should have written it down. anyway i bought 2 bottles of each (i think) and there were 5 or so bottles left of ID after that and then i thought i have to buy some more because well, it’s ID and it was $5. and then i was happy and had The Cheap eBay HTF Thrill and then i woke up. of course. :( no IDs!

i suppose recent titles of my posts might seem worrying but i assure you, i am not going to commit a suicide just yet.