sorry for not updating for so long, i am going though a very unispirational phase lately. don’t care much for anything. i am not quitting though, they say you are responsible for those you have tamed, so i have to continue. god, that sounded serious. but anyway. nail polish-wise. i just had a funny almost-accident. i was browsing Pretty-Random‘s reference guide to find out whether or not my Toad really is the one i thought it was. (turns out it’s not, i have the more mossy version not the moonpool-y – there are 3 versions after all.) anyway, so i was downstairs at the computer and had the polish with me. in short – i forgot i had it in my pocket and went jogging. luckily, when i arrived home, it was still there but considering it’s one of my fave green polishes (even if it’s the other version… have to have both all three though :D) i was really glad i didn’t lose it.
so upcoming posts will hopefully contain the new Kleancolors (at least the ones i managed to get… no My Valentine for me yet haha), and some other greens and glitters probably. i also had an idea that there should be a Blue Cross Meteorites reference guide, just like the ones at Pretty-Random and China Glaze Wiki (these are the only ones i know of). now that i have so many of them, more than i could ever have dreamt of acquiring, i will focus on Streetwears and Sally Hansens. one step at a time, keeping in mind that some bar glitter SWs just sold for $60. each.

what else… oh i also have been thinking about dusty hunting* a lot lately. i doubt i would find any real treasures but you never know. on a side note, i have grown tired of that weight loss ad that is stalking me on the Internet (e.g. MUA).

*going to nail salons and looking at the polishes they use on clients trying to find something rare and HTF and make them sell it to you.