well. another lemming successfully killed. with the help of lovely Crystal! thanks so much. :)

this is probably the closest i’ll ever get to owning Piggy Polish Green and Bear-It. i think it is a pretty nice dupe though. at least that’s what i say to myself. as i was painting my nails last night i kept wanting it to become more green, so i also added some lime green glitter on top. just to realize that it is the exactly the same colour as the polish. so it kinda disappears.


so what is this mysterious awesome polish? a new Nubar???

no. i decanted two bottles of Petites Daze. i hate small bottles. especially when the polish is so pretty, i wouldn’t use it because of the fear of running out. so i decanted it. i love Nubar bottles.

sometimes i feel that i might have OCD. lately i have a very strong urge to buy back-ups of certain nail polishes. and i decant.