frankens! unnamed as usual.

the first one is inspired by MissHavisham’s (from NB) franken, only i used more holo glitter and less black. i might add some more. oh and i didn’t use ChG Fairy Dust, but some glittery holo Flormar. the other ingredients are holo bar glitter (Meteorites Mars Rock, i think) and Revlon Black Glitter. maybe something else.

the one on the right is inspired by Lynnderella’s The Glittering Crowd (from NB). just my interpretation of the original. the original version has more hex glitter (and other shapes), but i don’t have those in different colours so i just used small glitter and bar glitter. this is only my first attempt, i really want to recreate it! (btw – i used all glitter polishes i have except the ones with holo, iridescent, or silver glitter in them.)

Lynnderella’s franken is really amazing because most of the multi colour glitter polishes have silver in them, which i hate. it would be so much prettier if the companies wouldn’t skimp on coloured glitter. i guess the reason why they use it so generously is because silver glitter is cheaper. i really would like to swap for (because prices are insane) Mad as a Hatter, but i fear that it would be too silver and meh. And that OPI Muppets collection. I really hope there will be some good ones in it.

some more photos:

(over another franken)

Alessandro Green Green Baby – shaky hands? :/

aaaand i miraculously managed to score two big HTF lemmings this week. one is CND Sugar Sparkle and the other one is UD Burnout. can’t quite believe that people only recently noticed that Burnout (or Frosty Pink, for that matter. or that Avon morphing top coat) has the same (similar) shimmer as #230. it makes me wonder are there any other older polishes that have it but nobody knows?

man priekšā garš vakars ar to eseju… :/