i know i did, when i found this cheap ~$0.50/ea  awesomeness in a discount bin of some small cheap cosmetics store.

some swatches…

over Nina Pro Salsa, D2W Enchanted Forest, Orly Royal Navy


(bathroom lighting)

sooooooooooooooooo…. i am preeeeety sure this might be the same as the HTF Avon morphing top coat and Nutra Nails pearlizing top coat. what do you think? i will ask on MUA too.

ETA: so I asked MUA and according to MeganChair who owns it it’s the same as Avon. from photos, to me it also looks the same as Nutra Nails Pearlizing top coat Love8Brain has and even the same as Urban Decay ID (same shimmer, not base). well, YAYYYYY because it’s been a huge lemming and there’s no way i’ll have enough money for ID in near future, anyway.

the shimmer seems to be golden/amber shifting to green/blue. it’s funny i found it today, just as i was e-mailing More Nail Polish about the colour morphing pigments. this one looks like the gold to green one, while the red one totally looks like it could be frankened to make #230 or Toxin!

so i did a bit of frankening… not exactly sure what i was trying to franken, one looks like a cousin of UD ID! doesn’t it?

here’s a franken i made with Burnout (not very successful) and a franken with this polish.

franken #1, franken #2, franken #2 over OPI SitS

i might have bought…   several