hi guys. First of all,  I want to thank my dear n/p friend Anna for making this post possible. You’re awesome. :)

This is now one of my fave greens of all time. Obviously it has to be HTF. It is really amazing and I am sad that it’s not more readily available.

I couldn’t help myself. So to squeeze out another day of this mani I layered Ados #190 over it.  Please ignore the cut..gah kitchen hates me.

here’s what I used:

Limonyte decant, random medium green creme, colour morphing topcoat

Savina Power Up would be a good substitute if you plan to cover it up anyway. but not dupes.

oh, and I changed the template of my blog back to the old one. it just seems less bulky. now i’m off to change my mani! :P