i want to start this reference guide by saying that there are still lots of these (not all though) on eBay UK, so if you like them then go and buy them (for cheap!) while you still can. i got mine there as well. and i do not plan to buy all of them, because there are several that i don’t like all that much and would never wear.

Edited on 24.07.11.
Pretty Random has a more extensive Meteorites guide now, so this one seems a bit pointless. but i am going to keep  it anyway, at least the photos of the ones i own.

Meteorites Vulcan ProbeMeteorites Vulcan Probe
red + silver + purple

Meteorites CraterMeteorites Crater
green + blue

Meteorites Halley's CometMeteorites Halley’s Comet
purple + gold + green

Meteorites Cosmic CometMeteorites Cosmic Comet
silver + blue + green + red + purple

Meteorites Life on MarsMeteorites Life on Mars
red + green
possible dupe: Streetwear Christmas Tree

Meteorites Pulsar Meteorites Pulsar
purple + light purple (?) + green
possible dupe: China Glaze Jumpin’ Jupiter

Meteorites Shooting StarMeteorites Shooting Star
silver holo + gold

dfxdffdMeteorites Outer Space
silver holo + silver

ddfsdfdfsdfMeteorites Mars Rock
silver holo
possible dupe: Streetwear Hologram
similar: Sally Hansen In the Spotlight, well any holo bar glitter in clear base.

Fireworks FirecrackerFireworks Firecracker

Fireworks Roman CandleFireworks Roman Candle
possible dupe: Streetwear Starry