so here is a list of HTF and not-HTF polishes that i am looking for and if you want to part with them or have an access to them please e-mail me!!!

HARE New (not-yet-for-sale?) collection and the previous one too…..

CocoAllurePolish – Like, Totally Pink, A Theiry of Everything,  Peached and Dreams, Bootiful, The Butterfly Effect (omg seriously???? bar glitter), Purple Lagoon

DarlingDivaPolish – Invoke the Spirit, Carrie, Resurrection, Pumpkin Queen, Sophia

Memos Mind – Floamtastic

BlackCat Lacquer – Death Becomes Her, Trick or Treat, Bloody Kisses

Monster Lacquer – Black Magic

lushlacquer – Green with Envy, Sugar Daddy

Lilacquer – Hon Kong Girl topcoat, Blueberry Pi

f4polish – Monster Mash, Rainforest, Pink Penquin

TwentySeven Polish – Pride

Nail’d it – Jack-O-lantern, Icicle Freeze, Diss-go Cruisin

ChaosandCrocodiles – Haunted Attraction

NailPatternBoldness – Flipping Out Hard, Le Big Party

pahlish – Little Caroline, Typewriter Keys, Still Alive, Fire in Taco Bell, Ace of Fours

Mosaic Lacquer – Sunny Day

2ChixLacquer – Safety Stick, Goblin Spit

Starrily – Birthday Baloons

Happy Hands – Flowers on the Highway, Mayonegg

DigitalNails – Creeper

Windestine – I’ll Fly with You, Sister’s Day, Hearts of the Forest

RockstarNails – Taste the Rainbow

Orly Winter Wonderland, Au Champagne, Flirty

Color Club The Lime Starts Here

Lynnderellas….. Many of them. :D Kaballah Bracelet for one.

Any of the purple Elytra-like glitter dupes

Models Own Orangeade, Pink Explosion

NYX Girls tiny bar glitter – purple, blue – #239, #228

Icing Margarita Madness, Awkward

China Glaze Spellbound 

OPI Creme de Menthe

Kleancolor Pink Panther

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Skeleton, Jack-O Latern, Witches Brew

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails with Nylon bar glitters!  Hang Ten, Festive

Meteorites/Blue Cross/Fireworks glitters Homecoming Dance, red bar glitter!

Revlon Streetwear Confetti, Monster Mash, purple Illusion, Green FX Flash, Costume Party

Misa Silk Robe